Stairs - Concrete Leveling

Many entrances to homes require at least a few concrete steps to allow you to more easily enter the home. Unfortunately sometimes the weight of the steps, changes in soil, etc. can cause them to sink over time. 


The result is an unexpectedly high or low step because the steps are not at the level they should be. This can cause many people to stumble and potentially fall down the steps or into the home. In short, uneven or sunken concrete steps are extremely dangerous and commonly result in injuries.


With our Quick Level poly concrete leveling system we can quickly and effectively lift your concrete stairs restoring them to a safe height.


The repairs leave behind a small hole about the size of a dime that is filled with a concrete patch for a permanent seal. The foam we use in the repair is specifically designed for use within the concrete industry. It is a closed-cell, dense material that does not break down over time. It is also environmentally friendly being made from recycled foams.


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