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Driveway - Concrete Caulking & Sealing

After having your concrete leveled caulking the joints and sealing it are both important steps to prevent future damage to it. Concrete driveways are often neglected resulting in concrete slab movement, damage, and safety hazards. Caulking the joints can help prevent the causes of these issues.

Allowing water to get in the joints of concrete can cause soil movement which allows the slabs of concrete to shift resulting in the uneven, sunken, concrete we repair every day. Our team of concrete repair pros uses a high-grade joint sealant that is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear of your driveway but still remains flexible to move with the concrete. This ability to move to keep the joints sealed and water out.

Sealing your concrete is also very important to prevent damage known as spalling. Spalling happens when water or other liquids work their way into small cracks in the finish of the concrete and cause the top layers of concrete to break away. This leads to more and more damage over the years as water continues to work its way deeper and deeper into the concrete slowly deteriorating it.

No matter what kind of concrete problem you are trying to resolve chances are with our years of experience we've seen it and know how to properly remediate the issue. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Contact us for a FREE estimate!
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