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Commercial Concrete Void Filling Detroit & Toledo

Voids under concrete can cause serious issues resulting in the complete failure of concrete. With an extended period of time, this can even make it so the concrete slab has to be completely removed and replaced depending on the severity of the damage leading commercial facilities to large amounts of downtime.

Fortunately with our commercial void-filling services, expensive tear-outs and costly downtime are a thing of the past. Our concrete void repairs are so strong that our polyfoam has even been used on international airport runways, used to support grain elevators, and has been used in many other high-strength requirement projects, so you know it can handle whatever you throw at it!

The benefit of our foam vs. competing products is that it's completely waterproof. It cannot wash away unlike many other products on the market. It's also environmentally friendly as it is made of recycled materials.

Our commercial and industrial-grade foams have what it takes to stand up to even the toughest requirements. If you are interested in learning more about our foam void fill options for your commercial void fill project contact us today. We can work with one of your engineers to find a void-fill foam that has the specifications demanded in your environment that will outlast other void-fill and stabilization methods at a fraction of the cost and without expensive downtime.

Concrete Warehouse Void fill Detroit - Commercial Concrete Void Fill Toledo - Commercial Concrete Soil Stabilization

The Commercial Concrete Void Fill Difference - Less Downtime

The above picture is an example of a void underneath this concrete warehouse floor. You can see how we drill small holes in the area and pump our two-part polyfoam into the holes allowing the solution to flow and fill all the voids under the concrete slabs. 

Warehouse floors are a common use for our polyurethane foam since its very common for forklifts to feel the movement of an improperly supported slab. When slabs of concrete that are not properly supported are ignored, eventually they crack causing not only damage to the concrete but also potential damage to machinery, safety risks for employees, and more.

With our soil stabilization and commercial concrete void fill systems, we are abole to repair hollow areas under the concrete, properly supporting them, in a matter of hours. This allows factories to go back to work using the repaired area almost immediately vs. new concrete.

Factory Floor Repair Detroit - Factory Floor Repair Toledo - Factory Concrete Repair Detroit - Factory Concrete Repair Toledo
Commercial Concrete Void Fill Detroit - Commercial Concrete Void Fill Toledo
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Manufacturing Facility Concrete Void Repair and Soil Stabilization In Detroit and Toledo

In a manufacturing facility, the need for a solution to repair and stabilize concrete slabs that have a void or soil problem beneath them is paramount. concrete slabs with voids or poor soil compaction can lead to concrete slab movement, damage to expensive machinery, damage to products being produced, safety risks for employees and the list goes on.


Our soil stabilization and void filling services in most cases eliminate the need to move machinery allowing us to quickly repair the void vai our systems polyurethane foam flow. Our foam is a two-part system that flows beneath slabs of concrete with voids or poor soil compaction, and stabilizes the area allowing your teams to get back to work sooner with minimal downtime.

We have completed projects on manufacturing floors for some of the biggest names in their industries like Ford, Coca-Cola, Chrysler, and more! If your manufacturing facility needs a company that can be trusted with your void filling and soil stabilization needs, Pro Concrete Leveling is more than capable and has a proven track record.

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