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Garage - Concrete Leveling

Shifting garage floors can be a big problem in both old and new homes. In older homes, garage floors can settle over years resulting in cracked floors sloping several directions, leaving a once beautiful concrete floor looking ruined.


In newer homes, this can happen if the contractor did not properly compact the soil or media below the concrete when it was poured. This can result in concrete slabs that sink leaving behind an uneven floor with tripping hazards.


While replacement of concrete in the garage can be a cumbersome task with our Quick Level poly concrete leveling system it is far from that! With concrete leveling, we can easily lift the sunken slabs of concrete and save you a lot of money compared to replacing the concrete.


What's even more exciting is that within 24 hours you can start pulling your car back in the garage again since it has a fast cure time! The polyfoam we use in our concrete leveling system is environmentally friendly being made from recycled foam. It is also extremely rigid once cured leaving behind a solid material that does not break down over time and does not absorb water as it is a closed-cell foam.


If you need a garage slab raised we have the experience to get it done quickly and cost-effectively! Give us a call today to set up your appointment!

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