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Patio - Concrete Leveling

Patios are a favorite gathering place for family and friends but when your concrete starts cracking and shifting it can pose a serious safety risk to loved ones. 


Patios can become uneven for many different reasons from the type of soil it was built on, drainage nearby, improperly packed soil or even just general settling over the years. While some of these issues can be easily solved to prevent future problems it still does not fix the concrete now.


Fortunately, with our Quick Level poly concrete leveling system, we can level your concrete once again quickly and effectively! In nearly all situations the cost to have your concrete leveled is less than half of what it would cost to replace the concrete.


Our concrete leveling system uses a closed-cell foam that is both environmentally friendly and never breaks down! This foam was specifically designed for the concrete industry resulting in a very dense fill than lifts your concrete back to where it was when it was originally installed.


If you are ready for your personalized concrete leveling quote, contact us today and we would be glad to schedule an appointment to have one of our experienced technicians out!



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