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Department of Transportation and Municipal Concrete Road & Highway Repairs

Poorly maintained streets, roads, and highways can pose a serious risk to drivers on the roadways that can not only cause serious damage to vehicles traversing them but, could potentially cause someone to be seriously injured.

When concrete slabs begin to sink in a roadway its a sign that the underlayment has moved or potentially washed out causing the movement in the slabs of concrete. With our 100% waterproof poly foam, we can lift those slabs back into position helping maintain a proper level of safety.

Concrete repairs for the department of transportation are an extremely important maintenance task for highways, bridges, and more. Without proper maintenance, the infrastructure we all depend on would quickly deteriorate. 

Our concrete raising and leveling services have proven to withstand the demands of industrial use necessary for highways, roadways, bridges, and any other municipality-maintained concrete surface.

Beyond the safety and maintenance benefits of our concrete lifting and leveling systems is time. The time involved in lifting concrete via our poly foam solutions is significantly smaller than tearing out slabs and re-pouring them. This means less time to complete the project and ultimately saving huge amounts of money for the city.


Pro Concrete Leveling - DOT Repairs, Highway Repairs, Municipal Raodway Repairs, Bridge Re

Benefits Of Concrete Leveling For Roads, Streets, and Highways

​Leveling the sunken concrete, filling the voids, and stabilizing the slab, is the most cost and time effective, as well as the longest-lasting solution. When a road or highway is sunken and uneven, raising and repairing the concrete can be done with minimal disruption. Due to the properties of our concrete-raising polyurethane foam, traffic can return to normal immediately after the project is completed.

DOT And Municipal Road Repairs And Maintenance​​

We are backed by over 40 years of experience in concrete raising and leveling with polyfoam. This experience allows us to deliver reliable, and affordable concrete lifting services for states and local municipalities all over. Whether your city needs a small area lifted back into place at a local municipal building or miles of highway, we have a solution that has been proven and will save you huge amounts of time and money.


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